The i3 Institute is hosting a Statewide CoP Showcase to be held virtually, on August 14, 2020, 8:45am – 12:00pm. The CoP Showcase is planned to be a dynamic, peer-to-peer learning platform to showcase CoP implementation. Participants will engage with others through reflection, discussion, and demonstration to share experiences and successes implementing CoPs through a facilitated and guided process.

This event is intended for those who are currently implementing CoPs as well as those who are new to this work and want to learn about CoPs from their peers. I3 Institute hopes you will consider “showcasing” your own work! Many of you are doing great work that is having positive impacts in your communities. Please consider sharing your own experience and expertise with your colleagues! If you do, i3 will waive the registration fee ($150) and provide a small stipend. I3 will work with you to plan and develop your showcase presentation. Please let Tara Ryan know if you are interested at