Quality early learning experiences are your child’s key to the future.

Quality early learning and care experiences build the foundation for skills your child needs in school, work, and life.

Research shows …

Your child’s rate of development is at its highest level during the first few years of life. Millions of neural connections are formed through a baby’s environment and experiences—especially positive interactions with adults. These connections build brain architecture, which is the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depend. Reference: Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child

Children who attend high-quality early learning and care programs are happier, more confident, more successful, and better prepared for the future.

These children are more likely to:

  • Enter kindergarten with skills to succeed and grow as learners
  • Form friendships easily
  • Cooperate, resolve conflict, and express themselves clearly and effectively
  • Graduate from high school
  • Avoid juvenile delinquency
  • Earn higher salaries as adults

Quality Counts California is here to help your family!

The early learning and care environment you choose can have a major impact on your child’s future.

Quality Counts California helps families identify providers who demonstrate a commitment to quality and provide quality early learning and care experiences to meet the diverse needs of California families.

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